Odds are, if you are at our website, you’re already a visionary desiring for something more in a church and life. Maybe you just want a thoughtful "family" to live a great life with. Or maybe you are trying to figure out this internal thing that disrupts and sabotages your life. You know there is something inside of you that winds you up, that springs up and messes you up. If you could solve this thing in you, you would have an exponentially better life; spiritually, emotionally, relationally and physically.

You have great ambitions and dreams. However, you sense your motivation comes from a fear of not being enough, valuable or lovable. You are devoted to making serious investments in your family, at work, in ministry and life – expecting to see serious results. Your willing to surrender all, leave all and joyfully follow Christ anywhere He leads. However you expect to live life to its healthiest and fullest.


  • You want a great family
  • You want to really know Jesus
  • You want meaningful friendships
  • Your financial life to mirror a “seek first God’s Kingdom” experience
  • You want your emotional life to energize you with love, laughter and peace
  • You want a vibrant spiritual life, free from shame and condemnation
  • You want to love yourself with the love Christ’s extends; unwavering and satisfied
  • You want to leave a legacy of faith and a model of strength


You are a winner and want to make a difference!

One decision can begin the journey of a lifetime. When you are ready we can hook you up with a Sunday worship experience:  Livestream online, come anonymously or let us help plan your trip and host you. Ready. Set. Go!