Welcome to our website. Together with our team, we have created a network of the best of the best support to help you win and make a difference in life. As a tenured pastor, conference speaker, Bible college professor and certified addiction professional, I am excited that you are here and the possibilities that are in front of you.

I’m not formally a researcher, scientist, doctor, psychologist, therapist, Superman, Spiderman, Batman, or even Robin. I am a hungry pastor, mentor and leader that has discovered some of the most credible experts, tools and content for healthy alignment, causing empowered transformation to take place. My passion is in Biblical and systematic theology that restores people to a secure attachment to God, in intimacy and identity.  I love networking professionals and resources to those who are in need, while making a clear differentiation between that which works and that which doesn’t.  

At LifePointe, you will find proven resources and expert relationships to help you encounter God, meet encouraging mentors and friends, rebuild your Jesus-identity from the ground up, and be empowered to win the day. LifePointe is a powerful place for those who are high achievers, as well for those struggling through unmanageable anxiety, depression, rage, compulsive behavior, and extreme addictions. My 30+ years of Christian ministry has built a passion for the hurting to know “why they do what they do.” I have seen great freedom come out of impossible stories.



Patrick is a popular speaker around the world with a passion to empower people to walk in the power of Redemption. He is known for his depth of thought, sophisticated ideas and motivational inspiration. He radiates with fresh ideas, bringing colorful beauty from ancient texts. Drawing from his certification as a multiple/sexual addiction professional (International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals, founded by Dr. Patrick Carnes) he jokingly admits he is "at the top of the class as an arm-chair quarterback" in neuroscience and psychology. His background and network of expert relationships will bring tremendous help to anyone who suffers, or just wants to figure themselves out. He has been privileged to minister to global audiences in churches, conferences, and Bible colleges for over 30 years. He is the founding and senior Pastor of LifePointe Church in Kansas City (Olathe), Kansas.

The love of Patrick's life is his wife of 27 years, Tina, along with their two adult sons, Evan and Mitchell. As a family, they are all committed to the ancient truths of Scripture as they help people recover from the traumatic effects from Adam’s sin, our their choices and the perpetrating suffering caused by their offenders. 




“Patrick has such expertise in this area and most churches NEVER talk about it. I feel VERY BLESSED to have experienced this teaching.”


“I was able to really start believing that God has a plan for me.”


“Understanding the executive and emotional parts of the brain helped me understand my behavior.”


“I am seeing a true picture of who God is, what Jesus accomplished for me and what is mine in Redemption.”