We know that it can be intimidating to jump into a growing faith with a new community. We have thought through and designed a path for people just like you. Whether this is a brand new experience with Jesus Christ, or a renewed commitment to church community, we will give you clear next steps that give hope, inspire dreams and empower purpose. We believe that every element of your new life of faith holds awesome purpose, and we are here to back you up, as you walk it out.  

THE LIFEPOINTE START TRACK: Start Track is a 4-week experience designed to help you know how to “win the day” in every sphere of life, acclimate to church culture, know your value in church ministry and to equip you with the tools to to make a difference. You will be surprised all the ways our church will empower you. Start Track is an online ecourse experience so you can begin and move at your own pace. After you register you will be assigned a Start Track Host who will assist you along the journey. 

1st Sundays - Start Jesus - Start LifePointe

2nd Sundays - Start LifeChanging Relationships

3rd Sundays - Start Hero Recovery and Training

4th Sundays - Start Making a Difference - Start Winning the Day



SUNDAYS:  We encourage you to start by making every Sunday morning worship experience a priority.

GROUPS:  Our small groups system provides opportunity to connect with other people around your hobby interests, Bible studies and/or even clinically proven transformational groups. We provide groups for men, women, singles, marrieds as well as grief recovery, healing from addiction and so on.

WORKSHOPS:  Our Workshops are hybrid Groups providing the enriched opportunity for group mentoring. Courses like Getting a Grip on the Basics, Redemption, Spiritual Authority, The Holy Spirit, The Science of Freedom, Financial Peace University, Gift-Personality Discovery and Purpose and many more will give the skills, training and plans to win the day and save the suffering. Each Course has a video lecture portion, a worksheet interaction and then partner collaboration. Courses are much more than academic learning; they are transformational laboratories.

TEAMS:  We believe that the best way to rise to your potential is to join a group of people who are pursuing the same goals as you. LifePointe teams include greeters, ushers, children's hosts/caretakers, audio-video-lights technicians, small group hosts, missions outreaches and so much more. 



We have designed a special website for our regular attenders to keep up with our events and to maximize our Sunday morning experiences. You can access them by going to Pointe.Info/news. While you are there take a look around the entire website where you will find Sermon Notes, Church News & Events, Small Groups, Serve Teams, Missions, KidsLife and Teenage/Youth Ministry. 


Email us at if you have questions or need guidance.